Christmas Saengerfest

Spirit of Christmas tours
Saengerfest: a singer festival, a competition of Sängerbunds, or singer groups, with prizes for the best group or groups. Participants numbered in the thousands and tens of thousands in the early 20th Century.
Once a large feature of the Cincinnati social scene has been revived by American Legacy Tour.
The guys from American Legacy Tour struck by the World Choir Games' performances and how popular the choirs were this summer decided to bring back the Cincinnati tradition to show off local choirs, churches and architecture in Cincinnati.
Running December 14th & 15th the Christmas Saengerfest will be held in 5 venues featuring 40 choirs.
Venues include the Christian Moerlein Brewery, First Lutheran Church, Nast Trinity, St. Francis Seraph & historic Memorial Hall. Each space will include choral performances, refreshments, markets and holiday decorations!
The choirs will perform hourly to give people time to wander from church to church. There will also be shuttles running between the locations for anyone not wishing to walk.
Click here for tickets and more info.[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


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