chasing ghosts in Music Hall

Built on what was once a paupers graveyard Music Hall has had reports of ghosts from day one. And while we didn't see any ourselves we got to see the places and hear the stories of where people have repeatedly seen the ghosts. One of the most haunted spots is the freight elevator where in the 1980s the foundation was broken through for repairs and the remains of 63 people we found.
Gallery box nine where Louise Nippert always sat is also a frequently haunted spot.
Music Hall #thisisotr #cincinnati #ohio #washington #park #parks
Music Hall #thisisotr #ohio #cincinnati #washington #park #parks
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  1. Is this a tour they do regularly? If so, where did you contact to get info on this tour?

  2. I have no idea to both questions. I know someone who knows someone.........

  3. @Ryan-if you search the calendar at Cincinnati Arts Association website, they usually offer them once a month or so. They get sold out well in advance, so plan accordingly. I've always wanted to try it out but haven't yet.
    on the right hand side of this page, there is a 'search events by calendar' link. it appears there.