Deeper Roots Coffee

Tuesday afternoons. They get a bad rap.
Who looks forward to a Tuesday afternoon?
No one.
Until now.
After getting espressos nearly every Saturday morning for forever at Dojo Gelato, Michael tells me I need to do a cupping at Deeper Roots Coffee. These cuppings (tasting) takes place every Tuesday afternoon and are open to the public.
So, on a recent Tuesday I found myself heading down a nondescript street to find that what is left of a dairy farm is hiding an uncommon coffee roaster.

Deeper Roots Coffee began life as Deeper Roots Development working with small farmer development in Guatemala. From there, Deeper Roots strives to improve coffee quality from the farm to the cafe.

Deeper Roots

As Les Stoneham explained the cupping process I tried to take it all in and keep up.

First the coffee grounds go in the cup to score aroma.
Deeper Roots

The the grounds are steeped it in hot water for five minutes or so.
Deeper Roots

the grounds that form a crust on top of the coffee are broke and I quickly tried to catch the burst of aroma but never did.
Deeper Roots

We began tasting with a series of slurps to spray the coffee around the inside of your mouth for different taste centers

Les's vast knowledge of coffee was apparent as he explained what would happen and how. If you are a serious or even just a casual coffee lover you'll find the Deeper Roots coffee cupping enlightening. They've changed how I think about coffee.
Deeper Roots
Deeper Roots
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