City Flea/Washington Park

You never step in the same river twice ~ Heraclitus

Golden Girl mural

Last year when the City Flea was brand new we would rush in right when it opened to walk around and explore. After the first couple Fleas we realized we could still do our normal Saturday routine, roll in late and grab lunch.
Fast forward to this year, the first Flea everything went as planned and expected.
But this past weekend the City Flea was a different animal when combined with the hyper hot revamped Washington Park.
Bikes were chained up everywhere, (we'd forgotten about the bike valet until we left) that should have been our first clue this wasn't the normal Flea. That and the crowds of people. When we finally got to the food trucks all of them were sold out! Unheard of? Maybe not but I've never had trouble getting a Wheels Burger before. Tired and hungry we hopped back on the bikes and headed for Findlay Market which seemed like what everyone else was doing too.
But, our favorite vendors on the south side of the marker were already sold out and tearing down. Damn, this really wasn't working as planned. First world problems, thats what the cool kids say.

The bright side to the whole misadventure Saturday? We ended up at Taste of Belgium and I finally tried the chicken and waffle.
très bon.
Taste of Belgium
[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati
I hope no one takes this as a slam against The City Flea, I thinks its more growing pains and a victim of their own success. It won't keep me away from future Fleas, just changes my routine a little. If you haven't been yet, the next one revisits Washington Park on August 18th.


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