It’s now or never and never will be your forever

I don't like to do these event things very often because theres other places you can go that do it much better, but..... seems like every 4 to 6 months OTR does a blowout Final Friday and it looks like this Friday is going to be that Friday.
If you haven't been to one forever or never been to one, this is the one you should hit to see what the hell OTR has been talking about lately.
In addition to all the galleries and retail spaces rolling out the red carpet, these special events are also happening.


No way is this a complete list, but I guarantee walking from one of these to the next you'll trip into other awesome stuff.

Old Spice Art show 1423 Vine St 5 - pm
Probably exactly what you think it is.

The Requiem Project: The Emery's First Final Friday
6-8 PM: Visual Artists
7 PM: Christian Moerlein Saengerfest Maibock Tapping
8 PM: Free Concert

BikeArt Poster Party at Coffee Emporium 6:30 -8
Food, art, and bikes

Flowers In The Recycle Bin at Park+Vine 6 - 10 PM
coming of age with punk rock, skateboarding and, "street art" New work by Kevin Pogo Curtis

The Natives perform live 7 - 10 PM

OTR Skate with You, You're Awesome and Automagik
Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center 8:00-11:00pm
Supports youth programs and scholarships.

Bootleg: The Musical Influences of Ghost Empire MOTR 8 PM - 1 AM

Plus the Pizza Bomba pizza truck outside of Streetpops for your cravings, what more could you want?
Except for something spontaneous like this to happen.
You never know.
Final Friday

Have you seen that DirecTV comercial?
People who sit at home on Friday night drink beer and eat munchies.
People who drink beer and eat munchies gain weight.
People who gain weight have heart attacks.
Don't have a heart attack.
Go to Final Friday.[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


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