last weeks storms and tornado relief

Parker Flats

We certainly had a few anxiety filled hours last Friday. It was warm but very windy downtown, I had the city door up but we watched Steve Horstmeyer wondering what would become of our evening. Fortunately for us the city itself got off incident free.
Not so lucky were the surrounding areas.

Since we we so fortunate we now have the opportunity to help out everyone hardest hit by the storm.
Fox19 is running a telethon today Friday March 9th from 4am to 11pm to raise money to help out everyone affected by the severe storms last week.
There are two ways to donate, call the hotline at (513) 381-3493 or logon here.

There are a couple good reasons to donate money and not food or clothing. The storm leveled many towns but had a relatively narrow focus. There has probably been a wide dispersal of people and any goods donated will need to be warehoused, sorted and inspected then dispensed, an activity requiring even more people in a relief effort already stretched thin.
Its hard to predict what people may really need, so food, clothes, medicine and other things no one could anticipate, pooling money gets the victims the best bang for the buck.
So please, if you can, call the hotline at (513) 381-3493 or here here and donate.


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