Radius, an Oscar like event in OTR

Super Heros

Shot during last years MPMF and Final Friday this short film, touted as the first film based on a location based game and totally crowd based debuts Saturday February 25th at Music Hall. The evening will feature a Red Carpet and a champagne reception before the film and drinks food and dancing afterwards.

UPDATE: ArtsWave's 6 reasons you should attend:
1. Strut your stuff on the red carpet - they're pulling out all the stops for this party: red carpet, search lights, champagne reception and more- it's a chance to dress up all fancy like and pose for the paparazzi.

2. Do you heart OTR? It's hosted at historic Music Hall, and was filmed at last year's MidPoint Music Festival, Emery 11.11.11 event, and a Final Friday - if you went to any of those, there's a chance you might actually be IN the film.

3. Cheap Thrills - $25 ticket gets you in the door, two free drinks, first chance at the film, great food, and fun dancing/mingling/arts stuff. It's a more affordable option than the $150 galas happening that night.

4. Support local - Filmed in Cincy, by a Cincy digital firm (and with the Cincy Film Commission!), at Cincy events, with Cincy performances - doesn't get better than that.

5. It's fairly early - If you have somewhere else you have to be later that night, you can be out the door by 10 pm and on to other things (you socialite, you!)

6. Because I(Artswave) reaaaaaaaally want you to! And isn't that reason enough? Seriously, though... the only thing that would make this already awesome party better is if you were there.
Tickets are available online until 12 noon on Thursday, February 23rd or at the door the night of the premiere.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
Super Heros
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  1. So what is the whole premise of this movie? All I could find on their website and descriptions about it is that it's "game based." The trailed shows a bunch of folks scanning QR codes. So uh, is there a plot? Is it a documentary?

    I'm confused.

  2. No idea, but I'm interested to find out.
    Could be really interesting or it could be a train wreck.
    I've got my popcorn ready.

  3. The short film is about a man’s investigation into a mysterious superhero and its effect on the community leads to a startling revelation. After the film, there will be a short documentary on how the movie was created and what makes it the first of its kind movie experience. Hope that helps :)