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We have to do this every so often so we grin and bear it. We hit Fields Ertel Rd to meet a coworker of Ms 5chw4r7z for dinner. I hardly drive anymore but when i do I’m in a Zen like laissez-faire state of mind waving people into my lane getting out of peoples way. I don’t have any vehicular axes to grind. But man, Fields Ertel Rd everyone drives with a vengeance and they fight to the death over every inch of pavement like they’ve paid for it in blood and if I add a tenth of a second to someone’s hour long commute there’s gonna be hell to pay.

Which brings up another point, my x-burb coworkers complain about how expensive restaurants are downtown although they've never eaten in one but I realized this. $11 for a mediocre dinner at Carrabba's is expensive. A $10 hotdog at Senate is the bargain of the century!!
Eating in OTR has ruined me for eating anything that isn’t incredible.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


  1. I so envy your non commute. I am getting ready to start work at a temp job I do every year in spring. This year in Mason, a long drive. I am a very laid back driver but I ride with my boss and she is very aggressive on the road. I am thinking of wearing a blind fold and earplugs for the daily commute. Oh and I will be bringing my own lunch...


  3. Yeah I've never understood what exactly it is that causes Field's Ertel to be the bermuda triangle of horrible driving but it's something you can't help but notice the minute you enter. A life of not driving sounds wonderful although at this point I think will have better luck holding out for the driverless car than for a comprehensive public transportation system.

  4. Ginny, if you read last months Wired magazine that probably isn't as far off as you think. Google and VW both have driverless cars cruising around California, and everyone else probably does too.

    1. I did see that, actually Charlie and talked about driverless cars in the tech segment of our 4th episode of The Charlie Tonic Hour podcast after reading about them in Wired. I was really excited about the concept because I really do see it as a way of getting some kind of public transportation without having to fight the battle to build a whole new infrastructure. I worry that it won't ever get to the place where we can fully use the technology because of the risk of litigation.

  5. In defense of Fields Ertel, it would make a great band name, don't you think?

  6. Only if they had a laser light show.

  7. Is that a storage facility in the picture?
    I used to drive out that way because it was a real lazy, leisurely drive.