do we still need cameras?

or is the cellphone camera good enough?
crazy what my iPhone will do now
but the real benefit is the instant feed back when people like your photos on flickr and instagram.
between that and watching what everyone else is doing you see what works and what doesn't and hopefully your pictures get better along the way.
or you don't care and your pictures suck forever, but there's a certain charm in that too
i'm not a hater
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  2. We still need cameras - or I don't have a job.

    I was having this debate with a friend last night - like any kind of tool, there's different versions to meet different needs. The cell phone camera is quick and convenient and it's amazing the quality that the things can now get. However, try making a decent print with it.

    Regardless, 5chw4r7z is still the man and whether it's with a cell phone or his Lumix, he takes damn good shots.

  3. I watching and learning from you Ronny.