Remember when you were 13? Everyone has that one favorite dish that they remember exactly how it tasted. Heck, you might even remember how it felt to chew, and the how it smelt coming out of the oven. You don't really get to chose what it is, but it always brings back a flood of memories.

hotdog muffin

For me, its these guys. A hotdog chopped up on an English muffin and slid under the broiler.
Now I'm not going to claim this is gourmet or anything, hell, the way things go maybe it is, but it brings back all those memories when I think about and cook it once every couple years.
So, what does it for you?
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  1. Too many things to name...

    Fried baloney sandwiches with a melted Kraft single, on Wonder Bread with lashings of Miracle Whip (as you say, this will soon be remade into an upscale version and sold for $17 a pop, if it hasn't been already)

    PB&J on Saltines - my dad, who did all the cooking, sometimes made that as a lazy dinner or late night snack for us

    Grilled cheese with Campbell's cream of tomato soup

    Fried cabbage with egg noodles - Grandma's special

    Hmm, shouldn't have read this before lunch.

  2. Mine is peanut butter and....wait for it....mint jelly. Yeah, the stuff you eat with leg o' lamb. Try it some time, it's good.

  3. I remember you and the girls making these. Wasn't there a version with cheese on them as well? I think when i was little they seemed a little too out there for me, so i never ate them. Maybe now is the time to change that.

  4. I remember you and the girls making these when i was little. Wasn't there a version with cheese on them as well? i never did eat them, i think they were a little to out there for me. It may be time to change that, it looks delicious!

  5. Yeah, Steff and Paula liked cheese on theirs. I always eat mine plain.