Le Lotus Paris, France

Cool little cigar shop that a twitter friend Kris turned me on to. The Opera District, Paris France is another neighborhood with streets seemingly put down without thought or reason. Without reason until you consider the streets sprang into existence 1500 odd years before the car did.
This one one of the few places where when asking "une photo" they said oui!
The pastry shops? they all looked at me like I had a third eye and said NO!
I pity the Parisian food bloggers.
Le Lotus Paris France
Le Lotus Paris France
Le Lotus Paris FranceLe Lotus Paris France
Le Lotus Paris France
Looking at this guy, no wonder we were asked for directions so often. I had a button up, blazer and jeans on the whole time we were there, I probably blended right in with the Europeans.
The Opera District almost seemed like Asians outnumbered everyone else. At the time I thought they were Japanese but with time to think about it I wonder if they were Vietnamese with that country being a colony so long.
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  1. oooh.. now i want to smoke some gitanes internationales..