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The premise, General Jack Ripper, an insane general who goes rogue, begins the process to start WWIII.
I tried to watch it in the context of when the movie was made 1964 just 20 yrs after WWII with all the anxiety of the times. We laughed out loud but back then the chuckles were probably of the nervous kind that people like this were (and most likely still are) running the country.
Little known fact Dr. Strangelove was the first movie to use hand drawn script for the credits.
Interesting that when the movie was finally released after Kennedy's assassination Columbia Pictures included a funny, or scary disclaimer depending on your point of view.

"It is the stated position of the United States Air Force that their safeguards would prevent the occurrence of such events as are depicted in this film. Furthermore, it should be noted that none of the characters portrayed in this film are meant to represent any real persons living or dead."

Dr. Strangelove

Alex explaining how a hydrogen bomb explodes, and if one did, not even unicorns could withstand the incredible destructive explosion that would occur.
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove

Black humor ran rampant throughout the movie, Dr. Strangelove asking the Russian Ambassadore "the whole point of a doomsday device is that everyone knows you have it. why'd you keep it a secret?"
His reply, We wanted to announce it on the next holiday, because the premire likes surprises.
General Jack Ripper, the commies have stole my essential liquid essence
Dr. Strangelove
General 'Buck' Turgidson, you're asking the commies to shoot down our bombers?
Dr. Strangelove

The film pretty much dealt with loss of control, General Jack Ripper with his libido. President Merkin Muffley with the generals under his command and General 'Buck' Turgidson with the inability to recall his bombers. The one person with any control in the movie is Major T. J. "King" Kong acting on misinformation who then manhandles the bomb out of a jammed bombbay and then rides it to the ground like the cowboy he was.
With all the sublte sexual jokes running through the movie it would of course end with an eruption of an atomic blast, the big and final finish.
Dr. Strangelove
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