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Good things are cheap.
Japanese proverb

Everyone has a fond memory of an ice cream cone, whether a sundae cone bought from an ice truck after a dip in the pool or a Friday tradition with the family hitting the local shop. Seems like we always end up in a discussion, which ice cream is the best.
But I think, we’re not arguing which is technically best, what we're arguing is the ice cream with the most fond memories.
The Scoop
The Scoop
Another dimension is how people consume said ice cream, home alone out of the carton or in an ice cream shop. For me the shop will always be the end in itself for getting ice cream.
Graeter’s seems corporate, Handle’s with its walkup window speaks more to the vernacular, the people from the surrounding neighborhood standing around the parking lot, while kids chase each other around the cars. And of course Jeni’s, a sophisticated shop matching the luxurious flavors of the ice cream.
The Scoop
The Scoop
This all brings us to the Scoop, when people suggest hey you can get this brand or that at the local grocery, I can’t even wrap my head around it, The Scoop distills the whole ice cream patheon down to a nut shell, enjoying the treat with people you really care about, laughing as the kids drip it down their hands, asking who got what. And to top it all off, its at the ocean.
That to me is what its all about.
The Scoop
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