to live and die in Cin-say

Smitty's burned and it looks like another continuos block of historic buildings is gone to be replaced by a parking lot, how many years will we be stuck with that? If the streetcar isn't build, probably decades. I never got around to setting foot in Smitty's but it breathed life into that section of Vine, lighting it up like mid day for most of the night. You can't underestimate what a presence like that does for a neighborhood and now its gone. There's plans underway to somehow save the buildings or even the facades, but from what I can see from the street it doesn't look good.


Cincinnati, a living breathing city, there is going to be non stop change, good and bad, we can only hope to keep tipping the balance towards good. On the opposite side of downtown, the riverfront work on the Banks and Queen City SquareII continues providing hope and enthusiasm for new life and vibrancy downtown.
The Banks
Queen City SquareII

and so the sun sets on another chapter of Cincinnati history. but it will rise again. life goes on.
Paul Brown Stadium
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