Not living downtown is for suckers. Who needs to get away from it all, when you got it all right here?

I've felt like I've been on a four year paid vacation since moving to Cincinnati.
Listen what do you do when you go on vacation?
Hang out at the beach?
Stroll down to the nearest bar in your flip-flops?
Do nothing?
OK, thats what I used to do on vacation.
Now, what do I do living at the Gramercy downtown is, hang out at the pool all day, walk down to the local bar for lunch and diner in my flip-flops.
Damn hard life if I say so myself.

nub cigar 10 Cane RumGramercy Pool
It does have its down sides, I give you that, for instance, laying out last weekend lazily paging through the GQ I come across this recipe for a Dark and Stormy and not having any rum handy I'm forced to trek over to the Party Source to find some. While there I find this new cigar called a NUB, for obvious reasons. The marketing says that most cigars hit their sweet spot at 4" so they cut the extra off and go right for the good stuff. Always one to try new stuff I fall for it.
Man was that thing smooth!
So the Dark and Stormy, a slice of lime, ice, rum and a good ginger beer, I used Stewarts which has an awseome bite.
Gramercy PoolGramercy PoolGramercy PoolGramercy Pool
A comfortable evening, good company, a stiff drink and an inspirational cigar.
How much more out of life do you need than that?
I'll have to stop living like a rock star one day.
BUT it won't be today.
nub cigarGramercy pool[where:135 garfield pl cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. NUB was at one the the cigar tastings at the beer sellar not too long ago. It was pretty cool, they were letting people roll there own (well, filler and binder were done, you just put the wrapper on). And everyone was walking around with the large collections of ash just waiting to fall....

  2. That would be nice, but the smallest apt in that building is $100 more a month than I pay for our 2 bedroom. My boyfriend grew up in West Chester, so he thinks downtown is scary hahahaha. I'm trying to break him of it, but we don't go often enough to break him of it.

  3. Actually, given the number of people in the region who never go downtown and the price of gas, a vacation in downtown Cincinnati makes a lot of sense.
    I did it a couple winters ago when my furnace went out on me and I had a real good time.
    I'd still rather live in a house with a yard, tho.

  4. Living in Price Hill, I'm about 5 minutes from downtown - my wife and I love going downtown! For me, it doesn't get much better than going down to the square on a Sunday morning, getting coffee, a paper, and smoking a good cigar...good stuff