Christmas to Come@The Know Theatre

With great anticipation we headed out, it didn’t even feel that cold.
The Christian Moerlein beer tasting featuring the Christkindl Winter Warmer Ale was very good. You can’t go wrong with a Moerlein beer.
True story: A long time ago in another life we drove to Cleveland and ate at this little Italian restaurant and everything was incredible, more than we could every have hoped for. Well after months of raving about it we drag some friends back up to Little Italy to go there with us, but arrived to find the cuisine had changed and the quality suffered for it. Not only were we disappointed for ourselves but I felt even worse for dragging others along too.
Then we went to Shanghi Mamas and lived happily ever after.
The End.

Wtf? was up with the puppets?

If you'd like an actual review of the showJackie pulls it together better than I could.


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