Christmas at the DMV


So, apparently not many people plan their trip to the DMV on the day after Christmas. But I was off so what the hey, I walked over to Court Street. Also painfully obvious, and slightly sad at the same time, it appeared I was probably the most intelligent person within blocks of Court St. Wednesday afternoon. There was a long line of people but as they took their turn at the counter they were told they were in the wrong department and shuffled off until it was me and three other people who unfortunately weighted over 500lbs each. I kid you not! There wasn’t much oxygen left in the place, along with the fact no one wanted to be there, worked in my favor because I wanted to take the test without glasses. "Read line 5" said the girl. 5ch "uh huh, uh huh", I had no idea what was there and was making crap up. W4 "uh huh, uh huh" she said 4r7z. Ok that’s $24 please move to the picture station. If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, go to the DMV, it does wonders for your self esteem.

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