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I have more pictures for today. The first picture is the downtown skyline reflecting on the Fifth Third Building. The second picture is the after work Party at the Point where there were about a 5-6 hundred people. It would be really cool with a bunch of freinds but got boring real fast by myself. So if you come down to visit before Labor Day make sure you stay through Wednesday.


I had the opportunity to go through The Vontz Center for Molecular Studies yesterday. This building is really awesome looking and the inside is as wild as the outside. After walking around the inside I noticed that the building is not really very practical. There are too many curves and funky corners were nothing really fits. We did a wireless site survey in one of the labs and the whole time we were in there I could not wait to get out and wash my hands. It was like in the movies were everyone had lab coats and rubber gloves and they had all the fancy machines mixing cultures and other stuff running. I can't believe they were lettings us walk around in street clothes in there.
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