they managed to wrestle it all there....

But they didn't have the strength left to pull open the trash shoot with the worn out springs.

This also reminds me of last week when Brodi3man and I hit the ghetto Krogers before work. There was a shopping cart left in the doorway and people were straining to squeeze around it.
I mean literally, not joking, we must have watched at least 15 - 20 people do this on our way from the car to the door.
When I got there I grabbed the cart took two steps and left it with the rest of the carts.
Crazy, guess I was the sucka that day.

Raymi droppin some much needed reality on postsecret.
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  1. My husband and I call it the Kroghetto.

  2. Thats so awesome I'm bummed now I never thought of it.