Rainbow Cafe @ Children's Hospital

Is that what its called or did I dream that up?

Rainbow Cafe
Rainbow Cafe

Now here's what I'm talking about, tasty, tasty, tasty! You're not expecting much and they deliver more than that.
Coke Zero, hot Italian Panini and baked BBQ chips and i got change back from that 5, thank you very much.
If you're on or near Pill Hill its worth a look. And a taste.
[where:3333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039]cincinnati ohio Rainbow Cafe hospital


  1. Your place is so bright and clean. The people are very nice and the lunches/soups are great! Many of the people across the street in the College of Medicine would like to be able to access the menu online but are unable to. Can you make this available on your website?
    Your customer base would grow incredibly!
    Thanks, Linda G.

  2. Linda, you do realize I'm a blogger and the only association I have with the Rainbow Cafe is that I've eaten there right?