Fountain Square is the coolest place on earth, I don't care who you are.

Talked to these guys for a few minutes, they asked if I was from Cincinnati and I told them not originally. Then I asked them, they were in town for a concert they're from Indy and thought Fountain Square was awesome.
Well yes, yes it is.

Fountain Square
Fountain Square
Fountain Square

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  1. Fountain Square is amazing...and the happy hour at Via Vite is equally as amazing. First of all it is EVERY day and lasts from 3-7pm (according to our server).

    I went with a group of friends this past Saturday and were there for roughly 3 and a half hours enjoy OTR Ale on the rooftop patio at Via Vite. It was great weather and we were able to enjoy the presence of Fountain Square below us and relax on the sofas they have on the rooftop patio. Simply amazing.