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Now I know this is incomplete, but I'm trying to think through the process of creating a downtown grocer. For now, until someone comes up with a really cool name, I'm going to call My Downtown Grocer. There is no way MDG is going to compete on price, and selection, I'm willing to bet everything out there for sale food wise is already on sale somewhere so MDG is not going to be an exclusive outlet for any products. Well maybe it could be for some local ones, but that will be the focus of another day.
I think MDG will have a huge edge over other grocers in the story. The days of buying brand names to lord over your friends and acquaintances while not long gone are fading, what with Target and H&M democratizing fashion and style.
So what will impress? I would really like it to be a third place, but that may feel forced if not done right.
Today I want to talk about the story. yes about shopping. When was the last time you told someone or they told you a good story about shopping at Biggs in Hyde Park? Exactly my point, MDG will offer stories people tell their friends and co-workers.
So will it be story of how you got that cool loaf of bread or new coffee from MDG downtown and you walked there? Or ran into three friends and met a brand new one from Costa Rica? Although, now that I think of it, what better story than that Christian Moerlien beer you can only get at MDG? I'm sure there must be a few other examples out there, a Chalk pastry, Jeff Ruby branded steak that you're flipping on the grill?
trendwatching calls these status stories, telling a story that isn't known to the masses.
So you thought selling food would be as easy as throwing open a door and selling food? Maybe, but not with the challenges downtown. One advantage the chains have is a pre-made clientèle. We're going to have to beat the drum and build up a large base of loyal fanatic customers before the doors even open.
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