Sunday in the Park with Bob

An afternoon of coffee drinking, paper reading and people watching on Fountain Square really doesn't seem like wasted time. The only downside, this afternoon was heavier than normal with the broadcast of Matt Maupin's funeral on the big screen, but it was still nice sitting out.
Looking at my traffic stats I notice that someone found me by Googling "bored in Cincinnati" which I found amusing for the 5chw4r7z is the opposite of bored in Cincinnati. But then I thought, if you actually are bored in Cincinnati what better inspiration than 5chw4r7z? I imagine someone bored in Cincinnati is the same person looking at a 300 sq ft closet and exclaiming there's nothing to wear, or looking at a menu at Applebee's and saying there's nothing to eat.
UPDATE: I didn't mean to imply I found anything wrong with the broadcast of Matt's funeral, just the opposite, I think its awesome the Square can be is a forum for shared events like this.

Fountain SquareFountain SquareFountain SquareFountain Square
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