Crowdsourcing a grocer downtown

You’ve voted for your favorite American Idol, maybe the viewer’s choice on the music awards and quite possibly CityBeats best of. And what did you get out of it? A shared experience, the warm glow of making a difference (if only in your own mind)?

What if you could participate in something that makes a direct impact on you and your friend’s lives downtown?

For almost a year this idea has been in the back of my mind but it’s been pushing more to the forefront but I don’t know how to move forward with it. Crowdsource a grocery downtown. A customer driven shop where people design and develop the products and services. Just like Linux was designed by many people with niche skill sets, I would like the healthiest, most innovative, community-oriented grocery designed and run by hundreds or maybe more die-hard supporters. I bet the expertise of people downtown with ten Fortune 500 headquarters could come up with a creative way to name, define and run an innovative grocery and maybe in the course of that include a successful third place.

So my dilemma, is anyone else already working on something this, I don’t want to duplicate efforts. And, how do I go about making connections with the people who can help make this happen?

The Miami/Oxford Organic Network Food Co Operative or MOON, is trying to get up and running in Oxford, and we had something similar in Youngstown, but some outside the box thinking with a hi-tech twist is what I have in mind. Is it strange almost all the co-ops in the state are north of Columbus, why is that?
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  1. As a downtown resident, a local Cincy supporter, and someone who doesn't want to use any gas if she doesn't have to - I agree.

    I don't know of anyone working on this yet - I've only heard of rumors of Avril Bleh opening a store on Court St.

    I can ask the DRC president if he knows whether anything like this already exists.

    I would be curious to know why Kroger or Trader Joes or the others wont' open a small custom urban store in downtown. Seeing the challenges and solving them could be a good beginning toward making it happen.