hi-tech is sexy but its low-tech that protects the city

Have you ever wondered why the city has never experienced significant flooding since the big 1937 deluge?
A barrier dam keeps the Ohio River from invading the Mill Creek Valley, the city activates it when the Ohio River hits or is expected to hit 52 feet. They pump the Mill Creek into the Ohio River to protect the Mill Creek Valley. Inside the pumphouse there are eight water pumps, each one can move a billion gallons of water a day.
Cincinnati Stormwater Management Engineer Eric Saylor says, "This was being built at the same time, roughly speaking, as Hoover Dam. But Hoover Dam wasn't ready. So they brought the pumps that were going to go to Hoover Dam to us here at barrier dam."
The barrier dam protects not only roads and businesses in the Mill Creek Valley, but also an important Metropolitan Sewer District facility. The treatment plant is the largest wastewater treatment plant in the entire Tri-state and if it couldn't treat sewage it would be an environmental disaster.

February flood
February flood
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