M5 Espresso Lab

I love coffee. I love sophisticated urban coffee shops and I really like riding my bike.
Usually in December I get a day here or there to ride but December '15 I rode everyday to work and it felt like it was going to last forever and I was looking forward to UC's Winter Season break to get even more riding in. Then realty set in, the weather cooled and the sun disappeared. I was bound and determined to get a ride in and I wanted to try M5 Espresso Lab in Hyde Park. It was a place that looked amazing on instagram.
Before I even left the condo I started hedging, I saw a bus was heading out so I figured I'd throw the bike on and just ride home once it warmed up. I got off the bus with my bike and strolled into M5 and ordered a coffee. Lucky for me a box of Brown Bear Bakery pastries came through the door right after I did. M5 is an eclectic space. Along with the espresso lab, there is a Bowers and Wilkins dealer selling high end British speakers and TVs. A Leica shop selling cameras and a large co-working space.
Back to steeling myself for the ride home. I made it about a mile on my bike, pulled over and fired up the Bus Detective app and saw a bus headed for downtown was going to appear in less than ten minutes. Thank gawd. Its amazing really, with real time GPS info, riding a bus is as convenient as driving a car. More so if you consider you don't have to worry about parking.
I didn't get much of a bike ride, but I did hang out in a contemporary space which was pretty interesting in itself with coffee and pastries.
M5 Espresso
M5 Espresso
M5 Espresso
M5 Espresso[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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  1. Walked past there the other day, and wondered about the speakers! :)