Here in Cincinnati its possible to spend lots of money and have a good time.
Its also possible to spend no money and have a great time.
Exhibit A:

People over the fast couple weeks have been heroing up to fight blighted spaces and space invaders, and also mediocre nights out on the town. The last invasion occurred in Covington at the abandoned Bavarian Brewery.
Activating spaces and fighting aliens what could be more noble than that?
Just us, a photon gun, some random weeds and a few rats. And a good time was had by all.
Follow Fight the Blight on facebook and be in the know for the next invader popup.
Organizing events like this isn't easy, or cheap and is fraught with pitfalls. Giac came home on night to find his van broken into and a generator missing. if you can help, you can donate to his gofundme HERE.

Spaced Invaders
Spaced Invaders
Spaced Invaders
Spaced Invaders
Spaced Invaders
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