Red Bike Summer

I was always amazed that no matter how cold it got over how much snow was on the road I would see at least one person a day on a Red Bike. But this past weekend, wow, every Red Bike in the city must have been in use, or it seemed like it. ( the two girls sharing a bike were having such a good time I didn't want to piss on their bonfire and tell them they can"t ride on Fountain Square)

Red Bike
Red Bike
Red Bike
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3 hard cranks on the pedal


  1. It's a great thing to see for sure! The system will just get even better as stations are installed in Northern KY.

    Money is currently being raised, and a crowd funding campaign is launching soon, to help get the first couple stations in Bellevue.

  2. no helmets - ZOMG
    Technically, are you allowed to ride 2 on a bike? Or do you just need to be under the weight limit?

    1. Its like driving a car, breaking all those traffic laws is only illegal if you get caught.
      And don't get me started on helmets. Wearing helmets sends the wrong message implying that riding a bike is dangerous. More people receive head injuries in cars than bikes.