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River City News a few weeks ago ran a story on how many new bars and restaurants in Northern Kentucky are opening up smoke free. There was a good debate going on in the comments, not as brain dead as the commenters in Cincinnati's newspaper.
I mentioned that I hated that the law passed in Ohio as I liked to enjoy a cigar once in awhile. But after it passed surprisingly enough, I loved it. Its amazing to go to a bar and wake up in the morning without burning eyes, a sore throat and smelling like an ashtray.
Someone replied warning me about the slippery slope of surrendering rights.
DUDE, I said, police are gunning down unarmed American civilians in the street and you're worried about the state taking away your right to smoke in a bar?
People are crazy.

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  1. A non-smoker, I grew up with a family of chain smokers, so being around smoke never bothered me. I am opposed to the blanket anti smoking laws, too.
    What hit me recently, though was noting how many new establishments had opened in Ohio, even here on the border of Kentucky, after all the warnings we heard about how banning smoking would be the end of the restaurant bar business in Ohio.
    Seems to me, it's time to end the ban & let businesses run themselves the way they want. Now that they know they will not die without smoking, they might like offering customers a clean place to eat & dink.

    1. Let people vote with their dollars and beware of anyone with your best interests in mind.