Short Vine streetscapes

I haven't been on Short Vine for awhile, the last couple times over the summer the street was undergoing a huge transformation. It looks to be almost complete. As I walked south on the street I was thinking about how cool it was they eliminated curbs and the street and sidewalk had only a color and material change to delineate the difference between the two. There some really cool benches and landscaping to go with it. This place is primed for street festivals.
I thought how cool is that? Maybe Cincinnati is finally getting it. The next block up I could see they were still working and had construction barriers up. But as I got closer they looked a little too formal for construction barriers. No. They can't mean to leave these things here can they?
The street is so cool and awesome on one block and horrendous on the next. It looks like a serious urban planner got the whole street right, and in the last minute someone higher up the food chain freaked out and had those ugly stone barriers placed everywhere.

Corryville Short Vine
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