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Portland Streetcar
There is a new facebook page the Enquirer started for downtown/OTR residents, "to talk about what's happening -- a new restaurant opening, a road closed, anything interesting you see or that's affecting us in downtown and OTR. Ask questions. Let each other know about awesome events within walking distance."

There was an exchange particularly interesting to me on how to fund the streetcar. I didn't want to badger anyone, which seems to happen on facebook. I just wanted an honest answer on how the mayors office interprets development along the streetcar line.

Bob Schwartz
...didn't GE say part of the reason they're downtown is they're chasing talent that wants to live in urban places with amenities like the street car? GE = billion $ impact to Cincy so even if you figure the streetcar only is 1/4 of reason its already paid for itself.

And then Jay Kincaid, the mayor's Chief of Staff weighs in.

Bob Schwartz
Jay, how do you spin GE claiming the streetcar was one of the reasons they chose downtown?

Jay Kincaid
Bob Schwartz When did anyone from GE say that?

Bob Schwartz
...the streetcar were among the factors that led General Electric to choose the Banks ..for its U.S. global operations center, company and government officials said

The fact that the city had committed to doing the streetcar was one of the items that they cited as important (said Tom Gabelman, a Frost Brown Todd attorney)

Why GE chose the Banks

I had thought there was a direct quote and was surprised to find there wasn't one, no direct quotes from GE even though they were implied.
Goes to show that GE didn't get to were they were by being unsophisticated at politics. Everything they communicated walked a fine line so both sides of the debate could walk away with a victory.
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