a couple cold days don't disprove climate change

It doesn't prove it either.
People have short memories, and attach too much relevance to anecdotal evidence, no one ever claimed that seasons don't exist anymore. Having a couple brutally cold days in January doesn't disprove climate change. Like anything else you have to step back and look at trends, not the unique experience you had yesterday.
Cincinnati had 38 days of 0° or lower temps in the 70's, 42 days in the 80s, and just 38 days from 1990-2013.
For those math challenged that is an average of 3.8 below zero days a year during the 70's, 4.2 days a year during the 80s and just 1.65 days a year from 1990 until now. So if you feel like this cold weather is unusual and you're less than 24 years old you are 100% correct.
It is unusual.
frosty Ohio River
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