life is funny

Sometime before Christmas I must have read a story or review, I can't remember, or a profile of the Jack Reacher author Lee Child. So I reserved a book at the library.

life is funny
So the book comes in, I begin reading the preview and got to this paragraph. Wow, a week after my place is robbed, is it cosmic timing or what?
Lee is talking about how he developed the character, he wanted someone with no flaws since protagonists with flaws seem to be in vogue now. Jack Reacher runs around, every tight spot he gets in, the ball always bounces his way. The good guy does win. A little bit of escapism just like Mr Child intended.
Nick Fury is a party animal @dirnickfury
of course all that has nothing to do with us ending up at a birthday party for a cat!
a super hero party no less at the 'Nomerati's place.
p.s. Nick Fury is a stick in the mud at parties.
with Pizzabomba pizza. I guess because they're bombas, Pizzabomba would be a villain but their pizza was kick-ass!
what was that? can't hear you over the pepperoni and sausage!
Pizzabomba!! STFU! @pizzabomba
it all settled down later with a triple chocolate cupcake and homemade ice cream from Adorkandhispork. That dude is an ice cream making genius!
some people would be happy with double chocolate. not me. TRIPLE chocolate downtown abbey cupcake
@krlehman31 a friend of mine makes homemade icecream! @adorkandhispork you guys should be partners!
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