city manifesto

what the haters and anti-city groups don't get
we've rejected the idea life should be lived behind a car windshield
we're taking the city back
power to the people

photo courtsey of Paige
[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


  1. It made the blog! Thanks for the shout out. :D

  2. Method of travel as it applies to distance: Shoes < Skateboard < Bike < City Bus < Cab < motorcycle < Car, etc, etc.

    Each life is different, not everyone who loves the city can live in the city. And more importantly, not everyone who makes the city lives in it. And that's where windshields come in to play..

    Too often, and generally speaking, I feel (virtually/digitally) alienated and a touch belittled for not being a "bigger part" of Downtown or OTR and the daily goings on. But the fact of the matter is, I was shopping lofts in 1995 in the Brewery district. I was a regular at Kaldi's and The Club House. I was there for the riots, and after the riots. I met my wife Downtown in 2003.. We have a fourth child on the way. We owe the city a lot. We moved to the 'country' in 2006 in the interest of raising children in a small town like the ones we grew up in. But, we do own a business in the 45202. My wife teaches at Uptown Arts. She has performed in the Aronoff and Music Hall. We do what we can to be a part and contribute to the culture and the lives of the citizenry.. as best we can. And I'm gonna say our effort, our involvement, probably equates to contributing more than most who actually live in OTR..