Urban Basin Bicycle Club

Been biking around the city and back from work, I've done more cycling this year than the last eight put together and I've realized a few things. A bike is hands down the best way to get around the CBD/OTR, certain times of the day a bike moves faster than traffic and you never look for parking, just lock it up out front of where ever you are. It’s also paying off in other ways; I can almost see a rib now.
Bikes could also have a transformative effect on how we experience the city, what I'm going to call Cincinnati Sunday Streets. Imagine this, Vine St shut down from the Banks to 12th St on summer Sundays.
How I imagine Cincinnati Sunday Streets working;
Rental Stations on Fountain Square and Washington Park in addition to the one at the Bike Center at Smale Riverfront Park. Rent a bike at any of these three spots, ride to one of the others and drop the bike off at their rental station, get a bite to eat, a coffee and sight see then pick the bike back up, may or may not be the exact same bike but who cares, then ride on. You’ll have a relaxing stress free ride or walk around the three parks and an incredible day.

Getting back to the Urban Basin Bicycle Club, it takes off from Fountain Square every Tuesday at 6:30pm. Nice slow relaxing ride, no matter your skill level or speed you won't get left behind.

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  1. Now choir is over and my bike is finally back from the shop I can start riding with ya'all!! so excited.