twenty years behind the times? not when it comes to art

It drives me crazy that people don't have a greater appreciation for whats happening in the city. Art wise and everything else.
There are still people who look at me like I have a third eye when I talk about how crowded Fountain Square is on the weekends.

In case you haven't noticed, Portuguese-born artist Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils spent a couple days carving a portrait into the side of Mainstay on 5th.
Its springtime, a time of rebirth and renewal so its fitting that a year after Sheppard Fairey left his mark on the city that another street artist would come through and leave a memento for us.
The loss of another building in the core, even if it wasn't significant is a bitter pill for urbanist to swallow so Vhil's art helps in healing that open wound on 5th.
BLDG, an art gallery in Covington is sponsoring Vhils while he's in Cincinnati with help from the CAC.
How can you get anymore contemporary than graffiti?
Its right now.
Streetart is the twitter of art.


Who is it? the CAC said on twitter; "Tim from Motch in Covington. #Vhils MO: everyday neighbor=epic hero. @markaedsall Is #Vhils portrait anyone in particular? @thebldg"

This Friday, April 15th from 7 - 11pm BLDG will have an opening for Vhil's installations as well as some video's documenting his work.
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