you could be anywhere in the world but you're here with me

i came to Cin-say to make rock 'n' roll
along the way, I had to sell my soul
I made some good friends that make me say
I really wannabe in Cin-say

Eagles of Death Metal ~Wannabe in LA


Downtown/OTR where all the excitement is
It sends you a message: you could do more; you should try harder.
So I do. try harder that is. There's so much to do, its impossible to do nothing.

What ends up on the blog is less important than the inspiration, motivation and the process. Its about the ethos of the city, and me.

One thing I've noticed, people give lip service to loving Cincinnati and/or downtown. It's easy for them to say I'm all about downtown when they're promoting themselves.
But its not enough to say it, you have to believe it and live it and I do, or aspire to do just that.
I never claimed to be unbiased, and probably never will be about downtown Cincinnati.
Right now, everyone has declared war on the city, Cincinnati is a punching bag for politicians and people in the burbs worried about their way of life, well I'm pushing back. Pushing back big time.

One of my greatest wishes is that Cincinnati would get over its inferiority complex and realize just how great it is. Stop worrying about Indy and C-Bus and Portland.
This is Porkopolis, its time to embrace our inner pork and let our pork flag fly.
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  1. Really good post Bob.

    Probably one of your best ones. One question: can we design a pork freak flag? I was thinking of a pink flying pig but it reminds me too much of Pink Floyd.

    What does a pork freak flag look like?


  2. i totally agree. i absolutely hate the trash that native cincinnatians talk about their city. i took a bunch of friends who are natives to findlay market this weekend. they loved it. it was awesome but also sad. i have only been here four years and i feel like i know the city much better than they do. these friends are not cincinnati trash talkers but a lot of the people who are have a similar lack of knowledge about what is actually going on in the city. how can people talk trash if they never bother to even see what is going on here?

  3. This is an absolutely wonderful post !

  4. Great post Bob. I have to admit I am having a little trouble getting my head around "embrace our inner pork" and the visuals of "pork freak flag" are a little strange but anything is possible in a a city where pigs fly.

  5. Spot on Bob. And I second what Liz said as well.

  6. yeah its weak vudutu, I was trying to evoke something purely Cincinnati. Didn't work out as eloquently as I would have liked.

  7. It's not weak at all, it made me think, that's a good thing.

  8. Favorite post by far.
    Maybe a group of Cincinnati-pork-adoring-people should set a bunch of pigs to roam free like they used to do in the early centuries...(dumb idea I know).
    Love your insight and photography!

  9. Chris Wiedeman9:21 AM, May 27, 2010

    Nice one Bob, you two are the some of the most active downtowners I know, er, am acquainted with.

    Saw you resting the other evening on the patio, watching the tube. I didn't know the two of you ever stopped going out!

  10. We saw you Chris, I was waiting for you to get off the cell to holler at you you, then you were gone.