Turkey meatsauce spaghetti

All we had in the house was rawgoo sauce, and I just canʼt hack it so digging around I found some ground turkey and thought, hey how bad could it be? Especially with a ton of
I also managed to kill off the last two boxes of different type spaghetti. Then I found a half loaf of bread well on its way to staledom. BUT the secret to really awesome GARLIC bread is the staler the bread the better. Now anyone who knows 5chw4r7z knows I like to yank the toast out seconds before it bursts into flames, but since I was also sharing this with Ms. 5chw4r7z I had to pull it out of the oven well before the flames burst forth. Bummer, but it was GARLIC bread so it was still good.
Turkey meatsauce spaghetti, Wow, 4 or 5 cloves of GARLIC and I can cook anything awesome.

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