Mica 12/v

The grand opening of Mica 12/v yesterday, I love this store! (For those of you not hip to OTR 12/v is 12th and Vine) Mica’s new location fits right in the neighborhood, if you like Metronation and Park+Vine you’ll like Mica 12/v also. The products offered don’t over lap but seem to complement the other two stores products. The Gateway Quarter just gets better and better, maybe once Jean-Robert opens his restaurant Metronation will stay open for Final Friday?

Mica 12/vMica 12/vMica 12/vMica 12/vMica 12/v
An aside,
At midpoint we ran into George from Metronation and he shouts out “5chw4r7z” and we talk for a minute and then Ms. 5chw4r7z walks up and he says hi to her and we’re talking then Ms. 5chw4r7z says something to me and George asks, “you two know each other?” She screws up her face and says, “we’re married!”
True story.
So at Mica 12/v I’m talking to this lady from Mason and we’re discussing downtown and OTR and I’m telling her my wife and I live here etc., when Jackie walks up and asks if we can leave.
One more person Ms. 5chw4r7z is going to have to explain to.

Walking home we happened upon the Artworks gallery opening of Alters,Idols, and Icons.
really interesting stuff.
Mica 12/v

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