New exit for the Gramercy parking deck

As we pull into the alley off Race that leads to the Gramercy Parking Garage, there were a ton of people and cars blocking the alley, “Come on” this seems to happen once in awhile and its always frustrating. But we got them to move and then we saw what was happening WOW is that crazy or what. On the top parking level where we park I noticed Adam's truck wasn’t in its usual spot and Ms. 5chw4r7z and I were both thinking Holy Crap, I jumped out of the car and raced over but it had Ohio plates so I was relived then we both thought that our apartment is directly above that spot and ran there but of course everything was ok. Out on the street we see Adam and laughingly tell him for a minute we thought it was him and he says “Oh no, it was me!” OH MAN so that was our excitement for the evening.
So if you couldn’t travel 7th between Elm and Race Friday evening thank Adam.

Adams truck after he made his own exit for the Gramercy garageAdams truck after he made his own exit for the Gramercy garage


  1. We were walking back from Graeter's to the Groton and saw the police tape . Was wondering exactly what happened. That's pretty crazy!

  2. That's pretty crazy! So... how did he do this exactly? Seems like you'd need to be at least moving when you hit the wall to go through it, but maybe not?

  3. I guess it would have helped to explain that also, he said the rubber floor mat pushed up under the brake pedal. he wasn't too worried he said because the truck was creeping along backwards idling, so it would stop when it got to the wall.
    OOPS wrong.

  4. That is nuts.

    But he could get a job with the guys at Top Gear. That's probably one of their truck tests.