Not an evil one I hope.

evil genius?

Well I was surprised, I was expecting a score some what farther down the scale. But we're always our worse critics.


  1. I am curious about the method. I tested about 2 dozen links, and the only 'genius' blogs were yours, mine, and the Daily Bellwether. Almost everything else was 'high school.'

    Some of the results are strange. Cincinnati Blog was 'college postgrad' (despite the many misspellings/typos that everyone makes fun of) and Cincinnati Beacon was 'college undergrad.'

    Walk-In Brain was 'high school' despite many posts on music theory and 3 Quarks Daily, which is academia on steroids, was also 'high school'.

    Strange results. I wonder how it analyzes blogs.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I know Microsoft Word has this feature and it has something to do with the number of sentences/words/letters in each word. So they have some kind of algorithm that uses those arguments to sort it out. Interestingly enough in college I found out for readability most college papers are written to a high school level. Any higher usually meant too much jargon that narrowed the range of people who could understand what you were saying.