Newport on the Levee

We haven't been to a movie since last March, we couldn't remember why until we actually tried to go and friends invited us out to dinner. Oh yeah, there's just so much going on downtown it takes focus and determination to go to a movie, which Ms. 5chw4r7z had last Saturday.
Michael Clayton, it was a pretty good drama, worth checking out if you have a some free time. It strecthed a little in a couple places, would a high powered attorney borrow money from the mob? But otherwise was very well acted in all parts, exspecially Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson who in his sickness swung between lunacy and brilliant clarity. The only thing I found odd is throughout the movie we were repeatedly told that Michael Clayton is a "fixer" but we never saw him fix anything.

newport on the Levee

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  1. Great Pic of the river. I know that you are new to the area. I gree up in Northern KY and you would have been amazed at what Newport on the Levee looked like just 10yrs ago.