Bengals @Fountain Square and Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom Brewery

Summer finally decided to roll over and die. The ice rink is undergoing construction and takes up most of the square now. Cool and windy, the lady in the fountain was soaking anyone foolish enough to get very close to her, I finally settled back by the 5/3 Building and then noticed the new entrance for Rock Bottom was complete and looks pretty good, even though I got scooped by Dan at Queen City Survey I’m still posting a picture. Can’t be too much longer before everything is totally finished.

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  1. Ha! I was theer for only the first quarter I guess. I did look for you to say hi. I wasn't sure about that entrance but now that I see it with signage I like it better. I also noticed those built in benches facing Rock Bottom. I like them but need something so the skateboarders do not damage them.