Enzo's OTR

Isn't the sense of smell the one sense that drags out the deepest and most intense memories? Upon ordering breakfast I was handed a coffee cup and presented with a small selection of flavors. Grogg! haven't had that in years, the first stream into the cup and all these memories of the Beat Coffee House in Youngstown came flooding back. Haven't been there forever but that was our Saturday morning spot while there.
Normaly our Saturday breakfast is light but when told they carried Jean-Francois's waffles we caved like the Bengals "D" against Brady. I'm glad Jackie had told us they would be open today, and as a bonus we had the pleasure of meeting Mike from CityKin and chatting for a little while.
Enzo's is going to be open for the next few Saturday's to test the weekend market so I better see you there next Saturday, I'm keeping score.

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