another year older, wiser? anyone’s guess

My blog year runs on my birthday, because, well because its given me so many gifts, the people I’ve met and places I’ve gone.
what Cincinnati brought for me the past year,

a music video shot in the condo
George Moss video shoot

got caught by paparazzi
The Lions Rampant

the premiere mixologist in Cincinnati bar tends our party
Parker Flats May 1 2010

catch a Reds game with a totally baked Mr Redlegs
Cincinnati Reds

hosting a cigartweet that a ton of peeps showed up for

just hanging out

Beerfest 2010

hung out in the most romantic place in the world with my favorite girl in the world
Jardin du Luxembourg

got made fun of by some sore losers

Senate named a hotdog after me

finished the year up with a bang on the square
New Years Eve 2010

Looking back on it now it feels like I slacked last year, still covered some territory, made some waves. No worries, I'm coming back larger than ever this year with some exciting stuff planned. See you around town.
[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


  1. I want that shirt, or at least a shirt like it :-)

  2. whatup J!? i want that shirt too...

  3. Bob, where can I find that shirt? Also, you have good taste in ball game peanuts.

  4. Gordon, on the shirt, no idea, the peanuts. Ragin Cagin is the only way to go.

    Right back at you Maureen