Senate and the 5chw4r7z dog

Everyone has been asking me about the feud with Senate. Didn't mean for it to sound like a feud as I considered it a misunderstanding from the get go. And last Thursday when I saw what the dog of the day was I knew I'd been punked. I knew they couldn't have been mad and they weren't, just some chain yanking at a bar so its all good.
Of course of all the things I considered could happen to me this year, Mallory naming me Vice Mayor. Jay Bruce giving me a ride in his real car or a regular guest spot on the Fox19 morning show, a hotdog named in my honor was never in the realm imagination.


Ms. 5chw4r7z: yes that's cool, but you'll still need to take the trash out in the morning.
I need at least one person keeping me grounded.

BEHOLD the 5chw4r7z dog.
Just like me, not photogenic at all, a little preposterous, and unlike me, after reading about it online you're not let down when you see it in real life.
if you didn't get one last week, its too late now, Senate usually only runs their dog of the day for a day.

Daniel let us in on some of the coming plans for Senate, the most exciting I thought is a Sunday brunch, theres many places downtown to get breakfast, some better than others, but typicaly if you want something special you need to drive the Northside. Now we'll have something in walking distance.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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