Watch This, Indiana Jones

Watch This

What a turn out last night, congrats to Watch This and the Al & Al show for putting on the event. It sounds like around 270 people showed up to watch. From those two watching AFI's top 100 movies in their apartment to 5 months later hosting almost 300 people to join in is just incredible.
An avalache of excitement it has to be those those two I'm sure.
Back to Indiana Jones, #60 on AFI's top 100 films of all time. Just watching the opening scene I took a deep breath and thought "wow, forgot just how good this movie was" I've haven't seen it in years, the momeries fade and I kind of remember it being a little hokey, and maybe it was a little, but it was good. All the scenes were tight, every angle, shadow or laugh was exactly where it should be to convey the mood of that scene. Looking back now 30yrs, you can really see how it has influenced so many action films, most notably the famous swordsman scene where Indy pulls out his gun and shots him.
Fantastic movie, event and crowd.
Good job Alex and Allison.
Watch This
Watch This
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