OTR/Gateway Summer Celebration

Gateway Quater Summer celebration

This weekend I'm doing something I usually dislike doing.
But I do it when I feel strongly about a cause or event.
And this is no exception, if you've never been down to the Gateway District of OTR, or The Q as the cool kids call it, you owe it to yourself to come down next Saturday May 22nd 10am to 7 pm and check out whats happening there, you won't believe it. But you will after next Saturday, the most dynamic, up and coming neighbothood in the city will be dressed in its finest. And who knows, I'll be running around, you may just have the opportunity to say Hi.
I know! right! the highlight of your weekend.
Gateway Quater Summer celebration

And for everyone else, well you already know how awesome the place is so I'll see you there, we can have a beer and catch up.
There's going to be a 5k race in the morning, crafts, bands all day and Vine St will be closed for the festivities.
Really no reason for you not to show up.
Click here for all the details.
OTR/Gateway Celebration
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  1. Wow a picture of Lagniappe! Well four out of 6 members..they sometimes do quartets. Love this picture. Jessie (girl) plays 4 instruments with Lagniappe & about 6 or more altogether. One member who has lived in OTR for over 10 years, Chris Carmichael, might've missed this gig but is ALWAYS doing something for his hood. :-)

    Hope the weather is good for the Q this year. Last year was hotter than hades for everybody IIRC. Look forward to your follow up blog.