Downtown Dash & Block Party

Or as it was officially known, The Secret & Old Spice Downtown Dash & Block Party at St. X Church, but that's a big mouthful.
But it is for a good cause, they raised and distributed $3,000 to 6 local charities the Crossroad Health Center, St. Peter Claver Latin School, the Peaslee Neighborhood Center in Over-the-Rhine, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Downtown Residents Council and the Drop Inn Center.
For August they really couldn't have asked for a better night, very low humidity, so low the weather forecast actually said some areas were experiencing wind chills.
In August.
We couldn't stay long but cruised through to support a bunch of friends running. The crowd seemed thin to me, at least compared to the OTR 5k, the dash needs to step up their game promotion wise.

Downtown Dash

It only took Rob about a block to drop all the girls he was running with.
Rob Wiiliams
Downtown Dash

The winner came through at 16:29. I'm not an expert but that sounds pretty quick to me.
Downtown Dash

Rob came through at 18 something I think.
Downtown Dash

Jean-Fran├žois everyone's favorite waffle guy ran through at 20:21.
Downtown Dash

J.T. always the eternal character celebrates because only three girls beat him.
Downtown Dash

Talking before the race I found out Meghan Mongillo went to school with a couple of my cousins. Another Crestview Rebel.
It isn't the most glamorous shot, don't hate me Megan.
Downtown Dash
Downtown Dash
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  1. Oh man, the Crestview rebels?

    All I'm saying is, y'all ain't got nothin' on my Columbiana Clippers. :-P

    Its amazing, and refreshing, finding how many people have actually made it out of the Rust-belt and into the Queen City--best move I ever made.

  2. DAVE!!
    DAMN, I'm a Springfield Tiger, the Clippers kicked our ass in basketball every single year.
    I'm a Fighting Penguin ex-pat also.

    We're always amazed how many people in Cincinnati are from the Youngstown/Akron/Canton area.

  3. Springfield, eh? Not so bad :)

    You're Mesik's former co-worker, right? Small world!

    Maybe you can give us newboes a hand.. A few of my friends from Youngstown-now-Cincinnati are looking for a Mahoning Valley Restuarant sort of atmosphere. Any tips?