No on #9 in Cincinnati

accident traffic
accident traffic

Last night unfortunately another person died in traffic causing a 4 hour backup on 71/75 south.
What is the ultimate cost of all this in lives, money and time lost?
The CAVE* men beat the drum for more lanes and claim people want cars and freedom.
Sorry, statistics don't bear that out, licenses issued have gone down over the past few years, and once the deal dried up, so did car sales. And more lanes? Yes we could have had one more lane of parking last night.
So do we keep doing the same 'ol same 'ol or as the Business Courier said do we go for the bold?
Vote No on #9
If passed Issue #9 would be the only amendment in history(anywhere) to ban a specific technology for a specific use.
Even if you don't believe in passenger rail, you have to agree this is bad government.
accident traffic

*Citizens Against Virtually Everything[where: 45202]
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  1. Right on, Bob!!!

    Nein on #9!!!!


    where can a "No on #9" supporter
    pick up some buttons + a yard sign???

  2. Last year's red light camera ban was a vote on technology, too. It's like the coasters are afraid of technology or something. We are in charge - not the machines. I think they even used images from "The Terminator" to plug their point.
    I imagine they get twitchy when they walk past a toaster.....

  3. Quim, except Issue #9 is for one specific use.
    So it would be like saying, if you want to use red light cameras for trucks that's fine. But if you want to them on cars you'll have to vote on it.